MX Infusion WorkStation

More than just stackable. MX Infusion workstation is an integrated infusion therapy solution, with intelligent analysis and integerated control.

Relay Infusion

Continuous infusion therapy with infusion relay. Two flexible relay modes provided: Infusion Completion Relay and Volumetric Completion Relay.

Data Analysis

Statistics analysis on flow rate, dosage, volumetric etc.. Graphic presentation of analysis data. Help to improve therapy quality.

Flexible Configuration

Supoort flexible configuration with MI-20, MS-31 for various applications.


With Quik handle, the pump works seamlessly between workstation and portable configuration.

Low realestate

Stackable design, save precious space in hsopital.
Take as little as 0.25 m2.
Share power outlet among multiple pumps.
Tide up the pumping sets.

7inch display

Built-in Pad based on the most advanced Android OS with
stable and fast response.

ICU Suspension Arm

Compatible with ICU Suspension arm. Save floor space.

Centralized Monitoring

With built-in wireless router, the MX infusion WorkStation, MI20 and MS31 communicate via a high speed loca network and provide high centralized monitoring.