As light as1.5 kg


More stable on the pump pole.

For all patients

Adjustable AIL sensitivity
Upstream occlusion alarm

Quick Set up in 1 second

Quik mount techonology. One click to install on the pump pole.
No more screws.

Three steps to start

Intuitive operation. 1. Set up the parameter with dials; 2. confirm with the
push botton and 3. start therapy with start button.

External Power Supply

External power supply to reduce the risk of
power overheating. Optional one for two power
supply to save power outlet for stackable configuration.


Download setting and upload therapy
data via WIFI.
Support infusion therapy analysis and
Help the healthcare giver to improve

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Over ten safety alarms
Adjustable occlusiona and AIL sensitivity
Support drop counter.
Battery Life >= 7 hrs.
Achieve 5% accuracy at 2200ml/h