Feeding and Flush Sets

Rotational pump to maintain the stable flow rate and help
the patient's digest system to rehabitate. Flush with water
to reduce the risk of occlusion and to manage the fluid

Proprietary Pump Set

Proprietary feeding pump set can guarantee the flow

Wide Operating Range

ME12 can provide flow rate as high as 800 ml/h.
High flow rate enables feeding schedule customization.

Flexible Feeding Modes

Feeding and flush pump allows flexible feeding modes. The available feeding modes include
nutrition feedling only, nutrition and hydration successively, feeding and hyration rotation.
Flexible feeding modes will reduce the healthcare givers’ workload.

2.8inch touch

Color TFT Touch Display
Operate with gloves
Redundant keys for usability and safety

Quick Set up in 1 second

Quik mount techonology. One click to install on the pump pole.
No more screws.

External Power Supply

External power supply to reduce risk of power
module overheating. Optional one for two power
supply to save power outlet for stackable

Setting Memory

Restore the setting from memory and start the therapy.
Can be switched off.

Multi-language Support


Over ten safety alarms
Adjustable occlusiona and AIL sensitivity
Support drop counter.
Daytime and Night Time Display Setting