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Water consists of major portion of bodyweight. As an perfect solution, water plays an essential role in nutrition absorbtion, transportation and metabolism. Water is also critical for maintaining body temperature. Water is also the lubricant for joints.

Two thirds of human body weight is water

A normal weight adult requires 30~40 mL/kg water with medium physical activation, which is equivalent to 2500 mL for an adult weighing 70Kg. For patients using feeding pump, the body consumed water through urin, persperation, or wound body fluid. However, the nutrition fluid cannot meet the full hydration requirement.

Risk of Incorrect fluid management

Incorrect fluid management may introduce dehydration, leading to pump set occlusion or longer
in-patient time, which ultimately lead to higher healthcare cost.Incorrect fluid management may raise
the risk of ulcer, infection, constipation, stroke or other complications.In extreme case, poor fluid
management may lead to death.

Fluid Management Challenges

  • 1. Patient has poor hydration capability.

  • 2. Complication my increase the risk of dehydration.

  • 3. The feeding and flush set up may not meet the hydration requirement.

  • 4. Unclear relationship between hydration requirement and water volume.

  • 5. Possiblity of occlusion.

  • 6. Time consuming to flush manually.

Solutions from MDK

Keep the fluid balance by proper Hydration.
Keep the pump set from occlusion by flush.

Hydration Modes

1. Continuous mode, feed set amount water after the nurition feed.
2. Intermittent mode, feed fixed amount of water on a fixed schedule.
3. Dedicated water feeding.
4. Priority on hydration when conflict with nutrition feeding.

Flush Modes

1. Flush 25 mL every time after nutrition feeding.
2. Intermittent flush to avoid occlusion,
3. Seconds flush and 1 second pause.
4. Set up KTO to keep the pumping set moiturized.
5. Immediate flush by pushing fastforward key after feeding session.

Data Driven Fluid Management

Comprehensive fluid management based on pump
informion. Built-in WIFI, automatic data upload.
Analyze input volume and output volume, especially
beneficiary for critical care patients.